11 haunted hotels to sleep in this Halloween [PICs]

11 haunted hotels to sleep in this Halloween [PICs]

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Not too late to book a room at one of these places for the night of October 31.


Castle Leslie - Glaslough, Ireland

Castle Leslie and its 1,000-acre estate has been a part of the Leslie family since the 16th century. Now a luxury resort, the castle still receives occasional visits from much older members of the Leslie family. The Red Room, where Norman Leslie was once seen rifling through a chest of drawers in the middle of the night in 1914 (which wouldn't have been so strange had he not been killed a few weeks earlier in WWI), and other master bedrooms in the castle are available for guests to book. Try sleeping in the Mauve Room, which Lady Constance Leslie looks after. She passed away in 1925, but kindly still checks in to levitate the bed every now and then. Photo: Sean MacEntee


Queen Mary - Long Beach, California, USA

The Queen Mary was known as one of the most celebrated luxury liners before its tenure as a stealthy grey troopship during WWII. Now docked as a hotel, it's rumored to house some 600 different ghosts. Its checkered past may account for the odd mix included in that count: a lady in white who dances in the Queens Saloon to music only she can hear; kids who drowned in the pool who've returned to make phantom splashing sounds and otherwise bother guests; 1930s-style swimwear-clad women who sloppily leave wet footprints in the pool area; sailors who died aboard the Curacoa, a ship that was torn in half during a collision with the Queen Mary in 1942; and a guy that looks like Kevin Spacey. Photo: Eric C Bryan


Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel - Alberta, Canada

Since its inception in the late 1800s, the Banff Springs Hotel has been subject to hauntings. Rushed remodeling early in its history led to the accidental creation of a small room with no windows or doors. The error was walled up and erased from blueprints, but the "Secret Room" wasn't content with being forgotten -- it was the center of rumored paranormal activity until 1926, when it was destroyed in a fire. Once that section of the hotel was rebuilt without the error, the reports of hauntings there stopped. Taking their place, however, were a helpful spirit named Sam the Bellhop, who assists guests arriving at the hotel; a ghost bride who wanders around aimlessly; and the spirit of a murdered little girl who makes uncleanable fingerprints in the mirror in room 873 with her freaky, clammy child-ghost hands. Photo: LipBomb


Heathman Hotel - Portland, Oregon, USA

Legend states that a guest of the Heathman Hotel once jumped from the window of room 703 and now haunts all the rooms in the path of his death-fall to earth. Despite assurances from completely reliable visiting psychics that the hauntings are of the friendly type, some unlucky guests feel otherwise -- particularly the man who claims to have heard menacing heavy breathing while in bed, and felt the sheets wrap tightly around him, constricting his movement. Upon escaping the attack, he turned the lights on to see both his heavy suitcases flying across the room toward him and the shadow of a man running into the closet. Security found nobody else in the room. Photo: Merelymel13


Hotel Alex Johnson - Rapid City, South Dakota, USA

The Hotel Alex Johnson was built in 1927. The hauntings that occur here are traced back to a woman who jumped from her window in room 812. Despite protests from close friends and family that she'd never have committed suicide, her death was ruled as such, and her case was closed. Many believe that the "Lady in White" at the Hotel Alex Johnson is the young woman, walking the hallways in search of her killer. While the hauntings near room 812 are creepy, they're relatively tame compared to the reports of more ominous activity in other areas of the hotel, including an aggressive, growling spirit who pushes and bites guests. The hotel insists the hauntings are harmless, and encourages ghost-curious visitors to check out the Haunted Room Package. Maybe the complimentary gift certificate for Paddy O'Neill's will help ease the fear. Photo: swanksalot


Hotel Provincial - New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Despite its proximity to both Bourbon Street AND Brad and Angelina's house, I'd be a little spooked about sleeping in a building where people once commonly died tragic and painful deaths. An old Confederate hospital, the Hotel Provincial is rumored to be haunted by ghosts of moaning, dying soldiers and their stoic caretakers. Building 5 is said to be the most haunted, with one room that's occasionally occupied by a music-loving spirit-soldier who won't stop changing your radio to WTIX-FM 94.3 (the oldies rock station) while asking you to please tell Diane that he has to go. Photo: traceyrobinson


Jamaica Inn - Cornwall, England

The history of the Jamaica Inn as a smugglers' hideout is fitting for the type of ghostly encounters guests have reported here. In addition to being awoken by the standard disembodied footsteps, inn-goers here have to put up with the noisy clatter of long-dead horses and the heavy metal rims of invisible carriages outside their windows. Jamaica Inn employees also report sounds of agitated conversations in an unidentifiable language, and the presence of a man who sits by the wall in front of the inn, slighting passersby and staring into nothingness before rudely dissolving into thin air. The most "active" areas are said to be the Smuggler's Bar, the museum, upstairs in the bedrooms (particularly room 5), and the old generator room, which is now the hotel's reception area -- so everywhere, basically. Photo: PhotoOptik


Crescent Hotel - Eureka Springs, Arkansas, USA

Built in 1886, the Crescent Hotel attracts history buffs and those looking for a relaxing vacation surrounded by gardens, spas, and extremely scary ghosts. Most famously, a "mischievous" spirit nicknamed Michael messes with guests by reaching through bathroom mirrors at people, screaming in terror above their beds, and banging menacingly on the walls. The hotel also once served as a cancer hospital (the medicine provided was natural spring water, so it's safe to say a lot of people died here), and supernatural evidence of its past life remains: A nurse dressed in white is occasionally seen pushing an occupied gurney around the third floor. She's only spotted after 11pm, which was the time nurses would remove the dead from their rooms. Ghosts pushing other dead ghosts past my hotel room? Count me out. Photo: doug_wertman


Hotel del Coronado - Coronado, California, USA

Once a celebrated hotel frequented by celebrities, presidents, and famous-people watchers, the Hotel del Coronado is a landmark known for its luxurious history. As most hotels that have been around for over a hundred years do, the Del has its own mysterious legend: In 1892, a young woman checked into room 302 under the name "Lottie Bernard." She seemed upset and ill, and carried no luggage with her. One morning, the woman was found dead near the back stairs of the hotel. Her mysterious death was ruled a suicide, and she was finally identified as Kate Morgan. Kate's restless specter now spends her time engaging in ghostly activities like turning televisions on and off, flushing toilets, opening and closing doors, and rearranging items on the hotel's gift shop shelves. Photo: peyri


Langham Hotel - London, England

Since its opening in 1865, the Langham Hotel has held a number of titles, including Europe's first "grand hotel," the first hotel with a hydraulic lift, and now, one of London's most haunted destinations. Most ghost stories and reports of paranormal activity at the Langham happen on the third floor, especially in room 333. In 1973, a BBC employee was sleeping the room when he was roused by the light of a big glowy ball hovering in his room. Confused, he watched as the ball took on the shape of a man in Edwardian garb. In addition to the ball-man, other ghosts that plague hotel guests and staff include a well-dressed man who looks like his legs end some 2 feet below the ground (apparently the floors were lower back then), the ghost of Napoleon III, a guy with a gaping wound on his face, and a butler with holey socks wandering the hallways. Photo: Pikesville


Grand Hyatt - Taipei, Taiwan

The Grand Hyatt in Taipei looks like a perfectly normal luxury hotel, but the grounds it was built on were once used to torture, execute, and bury political prisoners. As a result, the hotel was plagued with extremely unhappy ghosts wandering the hallways, making noises, and occasionally shaking a guest or two by the leg while they rested in bed. Nothing a little feng shui can't handle: The Hyatt hired experts to help realign the chi in the hotel and added sacred scrolls to the lobby, which have reportedly helped to combat the flow of middle-of-the-night checkouts from terrified guests. Photo: || UggBoy♥UggGirl || PHOTO || WORLD || TRAVEL ||

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